PAJB Local 295 Ratifies Contract!

TJ Group Photo

PAJB Local 295 Union Members band together and ratify contract!
February 5, 2016

Today was a GREAT day as Union members came together to vote on an unprecedented contract.  After two days and nights of voting, the PAJB WU Local 295 contract was ratified this evening.  For the past few month, TJ Maxx members, the bargaining team, and Union representatives have pressured TJ Maxx Corporation to acknowledge the issues with the Engineering Standards program and won many battles in pursuit of a fair contract with guaranteed wage increases for Union members.

The contract includes fair guaranteed base pay raises, incentive increases, NO mandatory overtime, and accountability in place to continue to make the engineering standards work more efficiently.

This was not an easy fight, but our members stood their ground and showed solidarity forcing TJ Maxx to recognize their hard work.  Union members said that they love their jobs, work hard each day, and with this new contract, feel more respected by TJ Maxx.

The fight does not stop today. We have seen the difference our involvement in the contract process had made, and will continue to work as one cohesive unit to make positive change not only for us, but for TJ Maxx.

When we fight, we win!

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