Raise the Wage Rally

Raise the Wage Rally at Justin Simmons Office

We participated in two Raise the Wage PA rallies on Wednesday, June 22nd. One took place at Representative Justin Simmons office in Emmaus, PA while the other took place at Representative Aaron Kaufer in Luzerne, PA.

Justin Simmons is serving his third term for the House of Representatives and represents the 131rd district. Aaron Kaufer represents the 120th district.

The rallies were held to demonstrate how important constituents feel passing a fair state budget is to not only them but to the entire state of Pennsylvania. Justin Simmons was not in his office for the rally, but we left our “check” at his door to make a statement. Aaron Kaufer would not accept the check from our demonstrators.

We elect our representatives to keep our best interests at heart, and we are holding them accountable to do so.

Rallies are going on continuously, so keep an eye on our website for the upcoming dates. You and your family should get involved, and we want you to have a voice in your community!

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