National Fight for $15 Day of Action

National Fight for $15 Day of Action

November 29, 2016

View the links above to see videos of the rallies!

This Tuesday, November 29th, over 140 Fight for $15 rallies showed their strength across the United States.

Fight for $15 is a national movement created by SEIU. Many cities, including NYC, Seattle and LA, have begun the process of gradually raising their minimum wages to a living wage, $15/hour, over the next few years. This is just the start of the movement, and we as a union are standing strong in pressuring politicians to start taking action regarding the embarrassing low federal minimum wage, $7.25/hour.

Here in Pennsylvania we adhere strictly to the federal minimum wage rather than raising it like our neighboring states. Our members know that you cannot afford to live on $7.25/hour, and are taking a stand against this injustice.


A whole bunch of us out there are not doing well,” Scott Courtney, executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union and one of the chief architects of the Fight for $15 campaign, said in an interview last week.

“In red states, blue states; black, brown, white — people are hurting,” he said. “Sixty-four million of them don’t make $15 per hour.”

Below find some photos from multiple Fight for $15 rallies that took place across Pennsylvania. This is an important time in our countries history, and we need each and everyone of our members to be involved. Contact your union rep about upcoming events!

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