PAJB members collect for local food bank

PAJB Members Collect for Local Food Bank

At one of our recent Community Action Team meetings, CAT, collectively started the community project of donating to a local food bank. After some discussion we decided on the Six Street Shelter, which is located in Allentown.

This shelter is locacted in the Lehigh valley and houses families in need. It has 20 apartments for families who don’t have a place to call home. We must remember how quickly life can change when tragedies occur. A father may lose his job, a single mother could struggle to keep her children together, or illness could drain a family  resources. These are all reasons why we consistently fight for a living wage and the right to a union.

In addition to the shelter program at Sixth street, the shelter offers GED classes, and emergency food pantry, and an adult health clinic free to Lehigh Valley community.


We were happy to help a wonderful organization that focuses on giving people comfort in their times of need, but also helps elevate them with education and medical services.

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