Majestic workers meet with MLBPA

Players Union shows support for Majestic workers in Easton

On Monday, January 9th, 2017, our members at VF Majestic welcomed Tony Clark, the president of the Major League Baseball Players Association, MLBPA, into their workplace. Tony and his team toured our members facility and spoke with many of them about how important their jobs are to them.
The MLBPA has given us their commitment that they support our members keeping their jobs in Easton, PA. The PAJB appreciates their solidarity and future support, and will be in constant conversations over the next few years to assure we leave no stone unturned.
Please connect with your business agent for upcoming events and actions pertaining to saving the Easton PA jobs at Majestic. A rally is currently being planned in Philadelphia this April–more details to follow!

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