Reading Food Service work without heat!

Reading High School

Reading High School



As of January 31st Reading High workers were without heat in their kitchen area.

Once the problem was discovered, the Union reported the concerns for the lack of heat and the potential safety issues to the District. The Union reached out to local health and safety agencies to ensure that the District was following all laws to protect workers.

The Union addressed concerns during contract negotiations. In addition, the Union called a special meeting with the District to review the plan for repair and the safety of workers in the interim.

The District confirmed with the Union that construction on the pipes would begin on February 17th. The Union passed information on from workers to the contractor to ensure that your concerns are known. The process should take 5 days and the District authorized work through the weekend.  As of February 20th the heat was working.

The Union’s first concern is the health and well fair of all employees and the children. The only way we can correct issues is to notify our union leaders in a timely manner. Let’s keep up the great work!

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