Union Bus trip to the Statue Of Liberty

The soggy weather at Liberty State Park did not dampen the spirits of our union members.

Union members from TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Majestic, and others enjoyed their trip to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.


Statue of Liberty 6

Our union members from Marshall Distribution Warehouse in Philadelphia.

Statue of Liberty VF

Union members from TJ Maxx Distribution in Pittston.

Statue of Liberty VF1

Union members from Majestic in Easton, PA

Status of Liberty 3

When Ellis Island opened, a great change was taking place in immigration to the United States. As arrivals from northern and western Europe–Germany, Ireland, Britain and the Scandinavian countries–slowed, more and more immigrants poured in from southern and eastern Europe. Among this new generation were Jews escaping from political and economic oppression in czarist Russia and eastern Europe (some 484,000 arrived in 1910 alone) and Italians escaping poverty in their country. There were also Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Serbs, Slovaks and Greeks, along with non-Europeans from Syria, Turkey and Armenia. The reasons they left their homes in the Old World included war, drought, famine and religious persecution, and all had hopes for greater opportunity in the New World.

As we walked through the very halls that they walked, we could not help but wonder what will happen to our new immigrants.  We stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters.

Ronnie Labar, EllieMae Labar, Martha and on the Ferry heading to Ellis Island.

Ronnie Labar, EllieMae Labar, Martha Zito and Miria Miranda on the Ferry heading to Ellis Island.

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