Poverty Wages Don’t Fly

PAJB members, other unions, and community groups stood in solidarity with the workers of PrimeFlight and Prospect at the Philadelphia Airport.  Earlier this year workers at the airport overwhelming voted to form their union with SEIU local 32BJ.  However PrimeFlight and Prospect, American Airlines’ largest contractors, are refused to bargain with the union.  Instead of supporting the workers who help make them billions in profits, American Airlines is looking the other way as their contractors trample their workers’ rights.

The rally at PHL let the companies know that we will continue to fight for working families rights.  In addition to marching, we heard from numerous community leaders and politicians and union members and elected leadership.

American’s two largest contractors at PHL are betting that the Trump administration will side with corporations against working people and soon get rid of airport workers’ union organizing rights altogether.  But we are betting on ourselves.  When we stay strong and stay together, we win!


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