Lehigh Valley Labor Council Elections

On December 20th the Lehigh Valley Labor Council had a contested election for 11 Vice Presidents and 1 Sergeant at Arms.

The results for Vice President were Bob Reilly, Dennis Hower, Paula Small,  Ron Ennis, Ellen Marx, Marilyn Mercado, Jason Nelson, Christine Miller, Graig Gardner, Chris Snyder, Mike Baker.  The result for Sergeant-at-Arms was Brian Taylor.  Congratulations to the winners.

Being apart of the CLC  is a demanding commitment, and being elected requires a significant amount of work.  This council is among the most active labor council anywhere and it is important that it maintains that high standard of excellence.

A few activities that the CLC gets involved in are: Saint Patty’s Day Parade,  Local 23’s Golf  Outing with all proceeds benefit Mesothelioma Research,  Day of Caring with United Way,  Community Volunteering,  Allentown Fair. The list is endless.  The only way that this work gets accomplished, is by keeping our members engaged in what needs to be done.

Labor Council meeting take place every third Wednesday of the month.  If any union member is ever interested in attending a meeting,  please call our union office and speak to Christine Miller. 610-433-7445.

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