Workers Rally for Dreamers

Members from our union joined with others to demand that Representative Barletta vote on a bill that protects Dreamers and end bi-partisan politics.

On Monday, Congressional leaders reached an agreement to end the shutdown, fund the federal government through February 8th and fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years. Now the Republican-led Congress has three weeks to vote on a clean Dream Act, a policy with widespread bi-partisan support, or the government could again shut down. Even as 86% of Americans support residency for Dreamers, Republicans in Congress have failed to bring together both chambers to act on the many bi-partisan bills that exist.

Further delay from Republicans in Congress put DREAMers at risk of deportation. Each day that Congress fails to act, over 100 Dreamers face the risk of deportation and millions of Puerto Ricans and Virgin Islanders remain without power. Immigrant advocates are calling on Republicans like Rep. Barletta to stop going from self-imposed crisis to self-imposed crisis and vote on a bi-partisan solution.

In Pennsylvania, nearly 6,000 Dreamers’ lives are in peril and it is estimated that ending DACA would cost Pennsylvania nearly $357 million in annual GDP losses.

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