America Needs Union Jobs

On Saturday and Monday, workers from all unions across the country stood together for good, union jobs.  We came together to say that we will not be silenced and divided by the rich and powerful.

The US Supreme Court starting hearing oral arguments on Monday in the case of Janus v. AFSCME.  What this is case is really about is weakening the collective power of working people.  Workers now have the freedom to join strong unions and bargain over wages, working conditions, and benefits.  Janus is being backed by corporate billionaires.  Why do they care?  Because wealthy individuals and corporations want to take our power away and line their own pockets.

For our public employees, you may start to receive literature and phone calls telling you to drop your union membership.  Dropping union membership weakens our union, our ability to effectively bargain, and our ability to effect change at work.  If you receive something, please let your shop steward and business know as soon as possible.

Together #WERISE

Rally in Harrisburg

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Rally in Pittsburgh

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Rally in Allentown

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Rally in Philadelphia

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