Rally for Workers’ Rights!

Over 50 members from the PAJB, 668, Healthcare PA, and 32BJ came together at the state capitol to say that we stand for good union jobs and that right to work is wrong for Pennsylvania.  We want to make sure that Scott Wagner, the Republican candidate for Governor understands this.  When Wagner “joined” us on the capitol steps he refused to answer questions that are important to working people.  He would NOT say that he is against right to work.  He would NOT say that he supports increasing minimum wage.  He would NOT say that he supports closing the Delaware corporate tax loophole.

He did imply that companies won’t come to Pennsylvania because they “don’t want to become union the next day”.  This just isn’t true.  Companies time and time again choose Pennsylvania for their businesses.  We need to make sure that these jobs are good union jobs.

After the rally on the steps we marched to his office.  We heard members, including David Lee, our union president at Marshalls, share their story.  Wagner must know that are watching, and we will be voting in November!  Remember to vote for Governor Wolf, so we can protect our union and other working families.

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