This year’s camp began and ended like every year since Union Camp started.   Members came unsure of what to expect and left better educated and energized. Members attended from the NY/NJ JB, the Philadelphia JB, the Mid-Atlantic JB, and the Pennsylvania JB.  At camp we had members from all different backgrounds at different shops with different experiences.  This provides a great opportunity for members to learn from and challenge one another.



The days were spent packed with informative classes and activities.  The picture above shows members at Hyner View Park.  At Hyner View they took a stand on a topics, such as racial justice and health care, that are important to them within the Union.

unioncamp9The view from Hyner View.

unioncamp5 unioncamp7

Diana Moll, PAJB, and Micheal Barows, NY/NJ JB, taking a stand.

unioncamp12 Class time is interesting, and is not confined to lectures and books.


The morning walks are the one of the things that never change from year to year.  Members always complain about getting up early to walk, but by the end of the week members do admit that they really enjoyed them.

unioncamp11 View from one of our walks in the morning.

Each year members come together at Union Camp not knowing anyone, at the end we leave with new family members we can turn to for information and support.  We are UNION STRONG!







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