Union picnics held in celebration of our members and retirees

During the month of August during rain drops and extreme heat we where able to host two picnics for our school district food service members.

Reading and Exeter had their picnic at the picturesque Gring Mill Recreation Park in Reading.

unionpicnic21 The meal was catered by Kathryn’s Katering.  It was an extremely hot day, so the pavilion gave us some welcome shade.

unionpicnic25 The heat could not keep us from having fun in the sun.  Bingo was a big hit as well.


Allentown and Bethlehem had their picnic at The Wayne Grube Memorial Park.

unionpicnic16 The food was catered by Fairview Catering.


The picnics are a way for our members to mingle if they don’t know each other.   It’s a laid back way to get together and enjoy a beautiful day.  This year we honored our retiree’s, and during the picnics it was fun to hear their stories about their years in the district.

This is our second annual picnic for the school districts and not our last.

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