IUP Bargaining!

The IUP – Aramark PA Joint Board Bargaining Committee wrapped up its second day of negotiations with the company today! Hear from two Bargaining Committee members below:

John Cochran, President, Local 57, Shop Steward, Bargaining Committee Member:

John Cochran“We’re working hard at negotiations, it’s not easy. Enrollment at IUP is down which affects our jobs. However, we will fight and stay strong as a group to protect our contract and all of the benefits we’ve won over the years. We’ve had a contract with Aramark for longer than I’ve been an employee, and I’ve worked here 34 years! In this day and age, when workers and our unions are under attack across the country, we’ve stood our ground and have kept our employer-paid, year-round healthcare, seniority rights, and our pension plan. Now, we’re fighting for more respect on the job, new member union orientations in order to build a stronger union, and rights for our coworkers who might be discriminated against in other workplaces because of their identity. I just learned that under federal law, some people are not protected from being fired for their identity, so we are fighting to protect them through the union!”

Audrey Duman, Shop Steward, Bargaining Committee Member:

Audrey Duman“My friend works in a non-union hospital and she has to use her sick days when a relative dies because she has no bereavement rights under the law. Through my union contract, we have paid bereavement leave which I have had to use on occasion. My daughter works in a non-union retirement home, and only gets overtime pay after 40 hours in a week. With my union, we’ve negotiated overtime pay after 8 hours in the day, which is an amazing achievement. Under our contract, we are also entitled to five employer-provided uniforms. I know some people who have to buy their own uniforms and shoes! Now we’re fighting for adequate training on the job as well as cross-training opportunities to develop our skills, since I love education and you can never stop learning!”


The IUP Bargaining Committee made progress on non-economic issues and will be continuing their negotiations to fight for their coworkers at the end of October! Follow their progress here:



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