Annual Joint Meeting is held at Hershey Lodge

Our Annual Joint Board Meeting was held at Hershey Lodge this year.  Not only was the candy a real treat so were the classes that were held.

Our members where very active this year, with contracts, MPO work, political rallies, new member training, community work etc… Every year we give swag  for there hard work.  Hershey Lodge


This year we rolled out our New Member Experience training and during the training we had a logo contect.   The logo will go on our shirts the members will earn when signing up new members and signing members up on COPE.  The winner of the Logo contest was Erin Swann-Vacula of Delta Dental.


Hershey Lodge five

With all the training going on we did have time to vote, and swear our new E-Board.  Lynne Fox, Manager of the Philadelphia Joint Board was on hand to swear them in.


Congratulations to our  new PA Joint Board President, Recording Secretary, and regional Executive Vice President.


Friday night after elections, we had a great celebration honoring Joe Balsamo’s retirement.  You had to enter

“The Joe Zone”  to say Good-Bye.


Hershey18 Hershey21 His members had great speeches and many tears.

Hershey26 Hershey Lodge one Hershey Lodge to Hershey Lodge three Hershey Lodge for


On Saturday we had guest speaker Samantha Shewmaker, Communications Staff at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO speak.  She presented a class on communication and the importance it is in our Union.

Hershey30 Hershey81

During our communication class we posed for a picture to be shared with UAW to show our support in their fight.


Reesa Kossoff, Executive Director at the PA State Council presented what we need to do, to win in the next election.  Both classes where very informative and gave our members a sense of what needs to be done.

Saturday night after all the classes where completed for the weekend our members dressed up in there favorite customes and had a party.

Hershey86 Hershey68 Hershey93 Hershey55 Hershey61 Hershey56   Hershey70 Hershey65Hershey78 Hershey15 Hershey88 John Cockran, Mike Brown, and Erin Swann-Vacula were the winner of the custom party.

On Sunday we wrapped up the weekend.  We went over reports and announce the Steward of The Year.

This year Steward of Year goes to Jerilyn Smith proud union member at Fanatics.









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