Racism Hurts Us ALL

We Cannot Achieve Economic Justice Without Racial Justice

Join us in creating a better future for all families

No matter where we come from or what we look like, we all deserve an equitable chance to pursue our dreams. At SEIU, we are coming together to reject the politics of hate and division. We are fighting back against self-interested politicians and greedy corporations who try to divide us while they hijack our economy, our democracy, and our government.

Together in union, people from different places and of different races fight for issues that matter to our families. Our experience teaches us that “divide and conquer” strategies are often used to keep working people from coming together to build a better future for all families and race has historically been one of the most powerful ways to pit working people against one another.

At our 2016 Convention, SEIU member delegates passionately debated and passed a resolution proclaiming that in order to win economic justice, we must win racial justice. Our fights for $15 and a union, immigrant and environmental justice are connected to our fight for racial justice. There can be no economic justice without racial justice.



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