During this election year Unions helped shape the election and the outcome.  Our members and staff have been canvassing, phone banking, and leaflet dropping for weeks to help put Biden and Harris into office.

Phone banking      Phone Banking with our members


Gotv   Canvassing in Philadelphia with Marshall members.

Over the last seven months, we have worked hard like many other unions and groups to elect a President that would help to create a better world.  We have witnessed firsthand the importance of electing someone who will fight not only for affordable healthcare, but for climate change, repeal the “right to work ” laws, fight to end the closing of the border and  will fight for the dignity and respect for all humans.  Our members worked tirelessly to achieve a victory for all.

Our members took to the streets an chanted “My Vote Counts, Count all Votes”.  We rallied before, during and after the election to make sure that happened.

Canvassing hrb1

Count4  Kelli Trent outside of The Capital in Harrisburg

Countmyvote2   Lori Hertzog and Lissette Oquendo outside the Government Center in Allentown with State Representative Peter Schweyer

Canvassing scranton 4  Parish Patel from TJ Maxx


Mike  Mike Brown from Aramark @ University of Scranton

Count1  As this shirt says…..COUNT EVERY VOTE.  And when every voted was counted, WE WERE HEARD




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